Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Change is in the Air

   It's been a busy month, birthdays, anniversaries, and just your normal life changing events. For me, this month has been and emotional roller coaster. I'm an emotional person anyway, but I've been wanting to change, and grow stronger. I'm working now, with a close family friend, to heal myself and connect with my more spiritual side. I've always been spiritual, but the past few years it's been missing from my life, and I've felt like a piece of my soul was missing, or mourning. So, I'm connecting again with my spiritual side. I'm meditating, communicating with my spirit guides and higher conscience to help me and practicing the four agreements.

 My friend gave me a book that changed my perspective on life. The Four Agreements by don Miguel Ruiz. In short (or as short as I can explain it) it talks about how we are living in a dream, we're not seeing the true world because we are blinded by the 'agreements' we've made. Those agreement are basically believing in what other have said to/called you i.e. "you're stupid, you have a horrible voice, you're only pretty you have no brains etc. Some of the agreements can be more on the positive side, but we're not exploring who we are, we're letting others dictate who we are, and when we accept these agreements as truth, they become stronger. Ruiz says there are only four real agreements to rise out of this hellish dream and become part of the heavenly dream.

1.) Be Impeccable with your word.
Impeccable means without sin, and sin is go against, or harm yourself. What this agreement means is to speak with integrity, to speak the truth, but also in a positive way. Every time we say something negative toward our selves or gossip about others, we are preforming a curse onto our words and making it real. Direct your words toward truth and love.

2.) Don't take anything personally.
What people do, is not because of you. They are reacting from their own feelings that they've manifested. If someone says "You're ugly." They are lost in their dream/reality, and often they are saying what other have said to them or how they feel. Whatever anyone says to you, let it roll off, you know who you are. You know now, they are reacting to themselves, not you, you're just there outlet. 

3.) Don't make assumptions.
To make an assumption is to make a false truth, which leads to misunderstandings, drama and confusion. Be courageous and ask questions, so you know what the truth is. Life becomes more simple when you live in truth. 

4.) Do your best.
 Your best will change from day to day, but as long as you're doing your best, you have a better chance of quelling the negative voices in your head, because you know you did your best.

  His book is very inspirational, and a quick read. Basically, if you live truthfully and surround yourself with positivity, your life will become better than wallowing in the negativity that surrounds so many people. I recommend getting the book, he talks a lot about the tools you can use to help yourself break free from the bad agreements and find peace. Here is a website to help you understand more about the four agreements.

 I'm trying my best to change my attitude and behavior, and so far that's working really well. I'm also working on a plan to help eliminate other bad habits I have, but more on that later. I hope I've inspired some of you or at least made you curious to try the four agreements or make changes in you life.

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