Thursday, August 1, 2013

Twelve Months of Change

I was inspired recently by an article on Zen Habits. The creator is giving up one thing every month for twelve months. Here's the article. It made me think more about the changes I want to take and the alternatives I'd replace them with. I'm going to try the challenge. I'm also adding stuff to my daily routine.

August: Walk/exercise for 30 minuets a day, or more.
  I use to walk everywhere, but the past few months I've been really lazy and I want to be healthier, and I want to be in shape. For me, this month is going to be about dedication and showing myself I can do it. (After doing this today, I'm down grading to flat surfaces and working my way up to hills).

September: Only two hours of computer and television a day.  
Like most people, I've been sucked into the digital world. Time passes so fast and everything I want do, there's no time for. I'll be doing chores (not that exciting but they need to get done instead of piling up), reading, exercise, drawing, writing, creating.

October: No refined carbohydrates.
I'm trying to be better about what I eat. I can't have gluten, so this isn't too hard for me, but there are some refined carbohydrates I like, like white rice. I'll be eating more vegetables and fruits and drinking more water.

November: Sitting for only 30 minuets a day.
I'll get up, walk, exercise, read standing up etc. This will be hard for me, but It'll be a good way to remind myself to get up and move, instead of becoming stiff and sore from sitting.

December: No multitasking.
 I'm going to be mindful of what I'm doing, and do it well. No talking with someone while surfing the Internet, no watching TV while I eat etc. During this busy month, it's a good reminder to slow down. This is a personal lesson too, I'm not very good at slowing down.

January: No Soda/alcohol.
  I don't drink a lot of alcohol to begin with, maybe once a month I'll have a drink. Soda on the other hand, if I see it I have a hard time not drinking it. Also, why spend money on that stuff anyway, it has one purpose, not many like milk and it's bad for you.  I'll be drinking more water than anything. I'll have tea, and one glass of milk and/or juice a day, and my breakfast smoothie.

February: No red meat.
This one is going to hard. I LOVE meat, especially red meat. I have cravings for it, but, it's not that healthy for you. I'll have poultry, tofu, vegetables, gluten free pasta etc. I'm going to eat the healthier protein options, and cleanse my body so to speak.

March: Up earlier in the morning (this will all depend on my work schedule).
I'll get up an hour (or more I want be up by 7am every morning) before I normally do so I can exercise, shower, meditate and just have some peace and quiet to myself without rushing. I'm not a morning person, but I dislike sleeping the day away and rushing to get to places or do things or not have enough time for things.

April: No Chocolate/unnatural sweets.
 I LOVE chocolate, and I love sweets. But, I want to eat healthier, and a month of eating fruit and vegetables will not kill me. That will be my mantra "This will not kill me. . ."

May: Nothing new.
 I sometimes spend money on ridiculous stuff to get that shoppers high. I've been better about it, but I still need to get my priorities straight. I'll be creative and make stuff. This will also help me see how much I already have, and have me think 'do I really need this?'

June: No computer or television.
It's summer time, do your hobbies on rainy days and walk, hike and go to the park, hang out with friends. There is so much to do besides let the computer and television suck you in.

July: No Facebook.
 There is email, phones and I can go out to see my friends. I find myself on Facebook many times a day, mostly out of boredom. After the previous eleven months, this should (hopefully) be easy.

I will write a summery at the end of each month, and an overall summery at the very end. I'm hoping to establish better habits, dedication and create a happier, healthier life. I, like many people I know, want to do so much, but get stuck in our bad habits and life styles. I believe this will help with my spiritual growth too, along with establishing a healthier eating pattern. Perhaps some of you will want to try to change, or try this challenge. My advice, this is your life, so live it, instead of just existing in it. Change is a good thing to embrace, for it is happening everywhere all the time.

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