Tuesday, July 9, 2013

To My Husband

Me playing in the dam waters

 Today is my one year wedding anniversary. We didn't do anything fancy, just wondered around, acting all mushy and, just being together. In other words, our perfect day. We went to Moore Dam on the Vermont side. It became beautiful and HOT after it stopped raining. The clouds looked so white, fluffy and sparse, which is a relief after so many weeks of rain and thunder showers. It was nice to get out of the house.
Beautiful fluffy clouds after the rain
Picture of party beads at the dam

 I wrote this poem a while ago. It's a personal poem that I've read to him, and dedicated to him, many times. Today, I decided to share this poem with everyone.

Disclaimer: This poem has implied content. It may make you weepy and give you symptoms of feeling like you're in love. Not for children or the weak of heart.

My Husband Matthew

To My Husband
No matter how many soliloquies, metaphors or rhymes
I put to pen and paper, I can never describe, how I know you’re mine.
It’s in the tingle of your touch, as you stroke my hip,
The feeling I get, when you bite my lips, ears and neck.
It’s in the way our bodies resonate, cuddled into one-
Yes, resonate. They sing in harmony, the same tune.

Your eyes are cosmos, swirling, infinite,
The warmness of them, I could live in it.
I feel it when our hands entwine,
Yours and mine, our souls begin to shine.

It’s the sound of your laugh,
 and all your weird quirks that compliment mine.
I can’t describe it, it’s more than a feeling, or discernible trait.

All I know, between you and I,
You are mine, I am yours,
We are one, together in this time.

Even as you slumber, you hold me, grasping my hand.
The connection we have, full of love and more, soothes my soul.
The joy in your body and mine, as our bare skin touches.
The loyalty you possess is beyond measure.
You hold me high, on your shoulders alone I can see.
You protect me from all my demons, within and out.
Lighting the joy in my heart, I’m ground by your loving force,
I lift you high, guiding you with loving touch.
You’re my everything, staying when I’m mean,
When I yell and scream, saying those nasty things.
Holding me you say “it’s okay, I’ll try to be better for you.”
The rain up here has been constant, but it makes for pretty pictures
Making me cry, for that’s my wish, to be better for you.

It all this love and acceptance, experience and time,
I still can not find a soliloquies, metaphors or rhymes,
To describe how I know you’re mine.
It is what is, we’re bound in life
By an indescribable force, love.

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