Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Night Time Goddesses

   This poem, I wrote in the winter time, after randomly looking up deities I came across three that caught my eye. Asteria, is a Grecian Goddess that has to do with falling stars; Nephthys, an Egyptian Goddess, she was associated with birth and death and the night; Breksta, a Norse Goddess, who guards us when we're sleeping against evil beings and nightmares. I don't know why I was drawn to theses three, but this was the result (after rewriting it three times). Do you pray to anyone at night?

 Night Goddesses

Black inked sky, glowing moon up high,
deep indigo clouds drift on this peaceful picture.
Raven hair streaming, white dress flowing,
Asteria, is running swiftly on the celestial sphere.
Stars that speckle the sky, twinkle as she passes by.
As she runs, she brushes some of the gleaming stars,
they fall, in flaming glory, a radiant show.
She chases them, laughing, her laugh is chimes on the wind.
Asteria, is one Goddess of the night, born from stars and sky.

In a desert land, the wind blows softly,
carrying the sounds of a newborns cry, and an elders last breath.
Nephthys, matron of the slumbering sky, is Mother of birth and death.
She is the Goddess prayed to for safe birth at night,
and the deity to shepard souls to the underworld.
She's the duel sided Mother, bringing and taking, life in evening light.

On this night, we're dreaming still, now, in the northern cold.
Breksta's twilight eyes sparkle in our slumbering land,
she watches closely, as we rest our tired, wary heads,
and guards us, by our iron beds.
She's the guardian against evil, and bad dreams.
Pray for her favor, and she'll defend you,
from twilight to morning light.

These three deities, are a few Goddesses of the evening time.
They rule from the twinkling sky, each with different craft, living in foreign lands.
Pray and offer homage, they will answer thee.
These three divine beings, rule the night,
from falling stars, and evening dreams,
from first breath, to last word,
pray and offer gracious thanks, that these Goddesses deserve.

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