Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Personalitiy Testing

  How well do you know yourself, and your loved ones? I love taking tests that tell me more about myself. Though there are a lot out there that's just bogus crap compiled loosely of random information that is a broad spectrum analysis. My Dad mentioned taking a Myers-Briggs personality test (it's based off of work done by Carl Jung) and saying it helped him understand how to work with people and their personalities. So, I took it, and my result was INFJ (introversion, intuition, feeling and judgement). Out of the 16 different personality types, this is the rarest (only 1-3% of the worlds population has this kind of personality). 
Me, alone in my own world. I'm far away in my mind.

  The characteristics of INFJ is, in short, someone who; looks more at future events, the broad picture rather than detail. Prefers to be alone or with the occasional small group, needs alone time to recharge their 'batteries'. They plan their activities, conversations, and actions ahead of time. They also make decisions more on what is going on socially than logically, they're people readers and have a set of morals and values they stick to. If you disrupt their environment and insult their morals/values they will either 1) turn the other cheek or 2) unleash a fury you haven't seen before, by evaluating you weaknesses and striking them. INFJ's are also highly creative and may seem odd, and strange to other people. This is just a few characteristics.

  After reading an article about this personality type, (It described me so well that it felt as though they observed me when writing that article,) I felt less like a freak that didn't understand myself, to someone who realized they weren't alone and there was a reason why I do what I do. It really did feel nice to read about this personality and realize, this is me, I'm not just someone who's so complicated that no one, including me, understands why I do things that seem so, unusual to people. Not only do I feel understood (by people in the psych. community or someone versed in personality types) but I learned more about myself. I no longer felt like a distorted and warped person, but instead someone with a clear view of who I am.

  I had my husband take it, he is a ISTJ, basically their motto is "Only the facts, please." He may not understand two thirds of my weird, creative, crazy mind, but he does know how to handle me. We both compliment each others strengths and help each others weaknesses. Now instead of getting mad about how one or the other reacts to a situation, we can understand why they acted the way they did, and be a less pissed off, than someone who does not understand. Also it helps when either explaining or presenting something to them, knowing how their mind works so you can communicate effectively. I really do recommend taking the test and figuring out what you, and you loved ones are, it helps you to understand and communicate better, and also know the strengths and weaknesses.

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