Tuesday, June 18, 2013

New Beginings

  I've never blogged, or really posted anything but a few poems from time to time on Facebook. This is an experiment for me, to branch out into and share my work. Whether it be poetry, drawings, photographs or short stories or even bits and pieces of scrambled nonsense, I'll share it. With that said, I'm not the best at updating, spelling or grammar. Poems come and go, lately they've been coming rather than going. Now that life has sprung forth and the magick from the Earth has leaked out, I'm more inspired. Well, more like some muse is using me as an outlet. Most of my work is nature based, or about subjects of love, though I do write ones on other topics, they're less prevalent than the other ones. If you like my work and want to use it, just recognize the author please.

  My husband and I are going camping for a few days, then I have a wedding to go to, so this maybe the only post this week. I'm excited to go out into the deep woods to reconnect, to clear my vision, uncloud my mind. It'll be nice to get away from technology for a couple days, so I can feel alive. I won't miss the buzz of the television or the flashing lights on the clock. It's odd, how even in this small state that is known for the outdoors, how the modern world effects your every day life. How I've yearned for the crickets chirp, frogs peeps and the gurgling of the streams; the smell of the wet Earth and flowers as they permeate the air; and the view of earthly designs that is what I yearn for. If you're not lucky enough to leave close to the woods like I do, and you feel overwhelmed, stagnate and drained, then find time to spend in the outdoors. Even a few hours helps; it's been proven that people who go out and see nature physically, are calmer.

  Currently I'm revising some of my poems and transferring them into one notebook rather than some in one notebook, others in a drawing pad and some on loose leaf paper.

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